Every scar on me makes me who i am today.



I always wonder what it would be like to have someone fall in love with you and never even dream of leaving. Or doing anything to jeopardize your love. Someone who just wants to cuddle and be with you every second of the day and never gets tired of seeing your face, listening to your voice, or…

#True Love #Faithful #Love

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You get me down and stole my life but now you’re facing an army of me.

-Katy Perry & Christina Aguilera :D

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Gangnam Style .. ^o^

So Cute <3 

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Romantic Lovers =))

Anyone Want to sleep ? lol

Hey You!

It sucks you know , when everything is going fine then
SUDDENLY it all Crashes again ?

And the Worst part is , i really dont want to try and put it all back together,again.

I Have To.